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View/Save/Print PDF: Crochet Pattern Easy Baby Sweater Pattern Delivery: This pattern is available as a digital download only; no paper versions are available.

I have been looking for somthing similar for my girls who are 3 annd 5. The pattern is based on Abigail Goss's "Picot and Lace Sweater Set" pattern for babies, which I used to make a heather grey layette for Tess while expecting her.

Scroll down the page for links to each of these lovely baby sweater-cardi crochet patterns. 1) Stripes and Bubbles baby cardigan from My Hobby is Crochet This is a soft and warm short sleeved cardigan for babies up to 3 months.
Crochet Baby Sweater – Summer Sun. The Body of the sweater is worked in one piece. After you finish working on the main part – body, you start working on the sleeves. Chain at the beginning of round does not count as first st unless otherwise stated.
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I know you want some baby boy sweaters and there really are some free ones available! 1. Baby Jogging Suit by Kim Guzman 2. Baby Pullover by Kim Guzman 3. Striped Crochet Cardigan and Hat by Gail Tanquary 4. My Little Man Baby Sweater by Mandy Nihiser 5. Versicolor Pullover by Kim Guz.
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Baby Sweaters, Cardigans, And Jackets Patterns preceded by an asterisk (*) are in PDF format. Patterns preceded by an plus sign (+) require free registration (to that particular pattern site, not to Crochet Pattern Central) before viewing.

Crocheting, similar to knitting, consists of pulling loops of yarn through other loops. Crochet differs from knitting in that only one loop is active at one time, and that a crochet hook is used instead of knitting needles.

Knitting is another method to create fabric from yard or thread, but instead of a crochet hook, knitting needs are used. Knitting consists of loops called stitches pulled through each other.

The active stitches are held on the knitting needle until another loop can be passed through them. Knitting may be done by hand or by machine, although you will only find hand done knitting here at Lisa's Handmade Babywear.

There are many methods of knitting that are done by hand. There are many different types of knitting yarns and knitting needles, which achieve different end products by giving the final piece a different color, texture, weight, or integrity. Using knitting needles of varying sharpness and thickness as well as different varieties of yarn adds to the effect and creates different results.

Handmade or Hand Made refers to items that are made by an individual rather then mass produced on machines. Rpt Pattern Row until 15 rows have been worked from rib.

Divide for back opening - ch2, 1hdc in each of next 17hdc, turn leaving 18hdc un- worked. Rpt Pattern Row until 8 rows have been worked from split. Return to un- worked hdc's, rejoin yarn with a sl st to next hdc, ch2, 1hdc in each hdc to end, 1hdc in top of ch2. Rpt Pattern Row until 8 rows have been worked or back opening measures same as first side.

Front - Rpt from to from back of sweater. Pattern Row 1 - ch2, 1hdc in each of next 14hdc, 1fpdc around next hdc, 1hdc in each of next 4hdc, 1fpdc around next hdc, 1hdc in each of next 14hdc, 1hdc in top of ch2. Pattern Row 2 - ch2, 1hdc in each of next 14hdc, 1bpdc around next dc, 1hdc in each of next 4hdc, 1bpdc around next dc, 1hdc in each of next 14hdc, 1hdc in top of ch2.

Shape Neck Side 1 - ch2, 1hdc in each of next 11hdc. Next Row - Dec Row ch2, dec 1hdc over next 2hdc, 1hdc in each hdc to end, 1hdc in top of ch2. Next Row - ch2, 1hdc in each hdc end, 1hdc in top of ch2. Next Row - ch1, 1hdc in each hdc to end, 1ht in top of ch2. Shape Neck Side 2 - Return to remaining stitches on front neck, skip 12st, rejoin yarn to next st, ch2, 1hdc in each of next 10hdc, 1hdc in top of ch2. Next Row - Dec Row ch2, 1hdc in each of next 8hdc, dec 1hdc over next 2hdc, 1hdc in top of ch2.

Next Row - ch2, 1hdc in each hdc to end, 1ht in top of ch2. Your little girl is so beautiful--love that hair! And ahhh, these photos are just beyond gorgeous. Hi Anneliese, I'm in the middle of crocheting this sweater, which I'm attempting to size up for my 15 month old. So far I find the instructions very clear and photos very helpful.

I just have one question about the yoke which I finished, so I hope I did this right: For example beginning in round 3 there is no "ch 2, turn" direction. I went ahead and did that anyway just like at the end of the rows with increases. This is only the second pattern I've ever attempted, so I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something! I will update the pattern to make that more clear! I can't wait to try this sweet design! I'll be making it for my little one, due in october;. I'm halfway down, just finished the yoke and the first round of v stitch, followed by the cluster round.

Finished to round After that, it says to repeat the v-stitch adn cluster stitch rounds 5 more times. Does that mean, a round of v stitches then a round of cluster stitches? Or does it mean to do v stitch, cluster stitch, v-stitch, cluster stitch, etc in the same round, 5 more times? I could see it working either way You should do one round of vstitch and then one round of cluster then one of v one of cluster and so on!

I will revise the pattern to hopefully make this more clear! Hi, Thnx a lot for this pattern. I did this sweater with few modifications. You can find it http: Anneliese - Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern. I just finished crocheting this for my Audrey, who is almost 1 year old. I am so excited to start making her different pieces - this was my first sweater and I love it. I am having trouble with the edging.

I did the single and chain each time the entire way up then single stitch in each of those and I just feel like it ruffles a little OMG you'll have to link this one up, too! I am having issues with this pattern. Row 13 seems to have 82 stitches. Row 14 seems to only account for 78 stitches in the previous row.

What am I missing? Sorry you're having issues. I went back to look at the pattern and count and here's what I've got for Row So you would ch-2, turn, and then start working in the next hdc you don't skip a hdc but you also don't hdc in the same st as the turning ch-2 , so after the first 7 hdc you would have a total of 8 hdc. The stitch count on Row 13 will look like this at the end: As for row 14, it looks like I made an error!

I just revised it. Thanks for the careful counting and commenting! Any chance that Alasha would be willing to share her revised instructions for a sweater for a 15 month old? I'm a newer crocheter and don't know how to upsize. I have the same issue as Natalie Foley. I want to make this sweater for my niece and want it to last at least 2 winters. Is it possible for you to share instructions on how to make this sweater for a month old?

Thank you very much for the pattern. A quick question though Yes, you should repeat the ch-2 and sl st at the end of each of the sleeve rows. Tuscany is a beautiful place I don't know if you are still comment on this or getting comments from it but I was just wonder what does sk mean in round 14 was it actually suppose to be sc and not sc just a little confused. Thank you for the lovely pattern.

How can I make it bigger for a 12 to 18 months? I'm glad you like the pattern!

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Aug 26,  · In this video tutorial I show you how to crochet a puff stitch, chunky, sweater to keep your little girl warm this fall. This sweater is very soft and comfortable, and is Anna Phelps. Find and save ideas about Crochet baby sweaters on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Crochet baby clothes, Crochet baby sweater pattern and Crochet baby cardigan free pattern. VERY EASY crochet baby / little girl's ballet cardigan tutorial - YouTube See more. by WoolyWondersCrochet. These crochet baby sweaters are just too cute! Keep little ones warm with these baby crochet sweaters and cardigans. close. Advanced Pattern Search; Search Term. Enter a search term (optional) These soft purple sweater is an adorable gift for a baby girl. Use this More (Votes).