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Shop online for men's chino pants at Browse straight-leg, slim-fit & tapered-leg chinos & more in a variety of styles. Free shipping & returns.

I used to buy flannel lined chinos, then I just started wearing flannel pajama pants under all of my pants during winter. All posts must be requesting or giving advice 3. Perfect for spring and summer.

Luckily, there’s a guide to the best jeans brands for men thoroughly researched and written for you. Before you go diving into the best brands in denim, take a look at some denimspiration.
As somebody who is very detailed in researching the best value of my wardrobe pieces, I wanted to get some feedback from MFA on what chinos are your favorites and why. Below are some links to some of the most talked about chinos as well as some I'm personally interested in buying.
We hand-pick the very best men's chinos on the market for in every price bracket, from the likes of Gap, Uniqlo, Topman, Carhartt and
We hand-pick the very best men's chinos on the market for in every price bracket, from the likes of Gap, Uniqlo, Topman, Carhartt and
Chinos, which are typically flat-front with slant side pockets, belt loops, and back pockets, have been riffed on by brands as varied as Old Navy and Brunello Cucinelli, and adopted by every style subculture from preppies to punks.

Chinos, which are typically flat-front with slant side pockets, belt loops, and back pockets, have been riffed on by brands as varied as Old Navy and Brunello Cucinelli, and adopted by every style subculture from preppies to punks.

Fabric has aged very well and they are incredibly soft, that's the best part of these. The crotch is starting to blow out, but they have done more than I could have asked for. You can find them for 30 easily. In my opinion, probably the best chino you are gonna get for the price besides dockers alpha, given that they fit. The second pair of chinos I owned were fit from J Crew.

I also tried the urban slim, but found them not as slim as I'd like. If you like a looser fit, then give those a shot. They're gonna be slim around the ankle It's a nice cut, for sure. Definitely the slimmest I own. I'll add that I like to iron a crease into my chinos from time to time Well, this is a step above Express, that's for sure.

It's a soft, comfy fabric that doesn't wrinkle TOO easily and is comfy to wear. Stains wash out well. I got mine on sale I'd advise you do the same. If you like the fit and need chinos now, go for it, but I'd wait for some sort of discount.

ANY discount, though, and I'd say pull the trigger. Canvas Comer Slim - Comparable to Levis Significantly slimmer throughout than Alphas, especially in the thigh. At 5'11", lbs I completely fill out the top block of a 30x Very dense fabric, to the point where it feels like I'm wearing a tarp during the summer. While LEC changes their fabric frequently, the pair I bought last fall and wore twice a week for about seven months held up perfectly fine, minus some general discoloration that seemed to subside after the first few washes.

Buttons are stitched on well. LEC is notorious for not using actual product shots on their website, so beware of color differences. Free returns to any Sears, so low risk overall. Gio - Fit slim but not too skinny. I thought I'd be a candidate for the skinny gios at 6'4 and lbs, but in retrospect they'd have been much too tight. Inseam length at 35" is perfect for anyone 6'5" and shorter with a hem. The fit pics on the site are very close to what they look like irl.

Quality is good for the price. Fabric is very nice, just feels sorta soft but still has a little starchiness like you want for good cuffing. Buttons are nice and feel very securely attached, and the hidden second waist button is a nice touch. Slim fit - Surprisingly vanity sized, by about 2. Gives below-waist a carrot shape. Uses 10oz lightweight duck canvas that goes through multiple washes. I've only owned these for about two weeks but they've held up fine through the wears since.

Surprisingly, even at this price point there seems to be some sizing discrepancies between pairs. One of the pairs I own tapers less than the other two, and is much fuller in the top block despite being the same size and style.

Additionally, a reviewer on Styleforum suggested their tWiD denim had stitching issues which I didn't experience. Promises a 'lifetime warranty' on their website and hang tag, neither of which defines what that guarantees. Their jeans come with a "free" buffalo nickle in the hang tag, lowering the price by a fraction of a percent.

If you've tried a brand you love or just want to inform others of, good or bad , feel free to post your experience in the comments! I'll be sure to add them to this post, and credit you for your contribution. If you've got experience with a brand already listed here that you feel isn't accurately reflected in this post, throw it in the comments!

Also, if you see something here that's marked as "courtesy of" that you like, be sure to scroll down and give that user an upvote! They don't need visibility, with their post being added into the main body, but don't they deserve some karma for their trouble? I've added links to all styles discussed here Also, if any of the links go dead as seasons get rotated out, let me know and I'll try and update the link to be accurate, if the style still exists. We've hit the max length, so I'll be continuing on in this comment Also, they aren't labelled as slim chinos.

I think on the site they're called "Levi's Chino Pants" and I don't know if they're still available or not. One Fit - They fit like this. So I returned them for a pair that were 28x30 and now they are pretty slim. Had no issues so far. They've held up well. No stretching, fading, tearing, fraying, etc. Owned for about 3 months. Fabric is comfortable and average. Just a generic pair of pants I guess. Nothing really stands out about them. Thats coming from a person who wears bananna republic, express, and bonobos.

I also wear chinos almost exclusively. I stopped buying jeans 4 or 5 years ago. Lenny - The rise is perfect a little on the low side which i prefer. So the bottom of the crotch rides tight to my boys. Taper is very good. Quality - very comfortable. Stitched together with rope it would seem which wont coming apart. We shall see about how long they last.

Ive only had them for a few months. I'm actually very impressed. I've worn them for interviews, my job, or just hanging out with friends, for over half a year and haven't had an issue. Rivet - They are a slim straight fit. Slim in the thighs and slightly tapered. Oddly enough, they have the same rise for all of their sizes so tall guys like me beware that it is a bit og a lower rise. I am a true 37" and their size 36 fits me quite well.

Inseam is pretty long and some guys would want to hem I cuff them. Fabric is insanely soft. The buttons are decent and the interior construction is outstanding taped seat seams, a good seam allowance, White herringbone "selvedge", hidden coin pocket, single needle stitching. I personally like the fabric and details on these a lot better than Unis.

Overall, a very well made pair of pants and I expect to be able to wear them for a long time. Also, they are the first pair of pants that I own that have gotten a lot of attention especially because of the herringbone detail.

It's not cheap enough to buy a hundred different colors, but with a pair of pants looking this good, who needs different colors? They do have a ton of different colors and fabrics, so I am definitely going to purchase a few more pairs in the future. I might try out incotex, but for the money, I'd rather have multiple pairs of epaulet rivet chinos. The slim Lived-in chino is a surprisingly good fit. I just ordered a few pair to try to deal with the summer heat.

Oh, I was looking at the slim pants. I handled their linen shorts which I assume are the same thing. They are pretty baggy in the thigh, linen feels meh and they are kinda thick which is what I wouldn't want in linen clothing. They may be different than the shorts, and even so the shorts aren't really that bad I'm just nitpicking. I'm throwing it in the post body now. You seem to have missed your link I'm gonna throw in the page of gaps site, but if it was meant to be an image let me know and I'll change it.

This is good to know about Gap, I'll have to give them a try. Sounds like they're a nicer pair of pants than I would first expect. And yeah, I own the shorts version as well and they are great. Only things worth getting from gap though, in my opinion. Bought a pair of gios in Vintage Khaki which is a misnomer, they're really more of a caramel colour and if you want khaki buy them in "army" about 2 months ago in a size Fit slim but not too skinny.

God, I love my Gios. Can second everything you've said here, pretty much sums up my thoughts on them. So glad I got them, to me they're pretty much the perfect casual chino.

Comfortable, perfect fit, wonderful details, even the exact color I was after. Eunice Lee is the best. Almost edited the title to Uniqlo not sure why I thought you were abbreviating , then I saw the price haha. The ankles are narrow, but otherwise slim rather than skinny.

I just picked up 3 pair online for 7. Example of pants here. I'm adding it now. Somewhat disappointing about the quality, I had heard really good things admittedly from people who don't know a ton about quality. Doesn't get wrinkly and it fits me perfectly. Maybe the cut wasn't the right one, they offer like, 4 different types, with Milano ones I wear being the "slim" and low rise.

I own 3 pairs and all of them have been great for 2 years, though quality wise the store associates did mention it might start fraying soon and they've had personal experience with that. I used to buy flannel lined chinos, then I just started wearing flannel pajama pants under all of my pants during winter.

Makes things much easier. That or long underwear. I recently picked up a pair of the Jack Donnelly Carter hybrid pants and they are amazing. You do realize elasticity of clothing was one of the founding principles of southern tide, right? That was the differentiating factor when they started with only polos. The seat always rips on D1's for me. I love the fit but I just can't seem to make them last longer than 6 - 8 months.

Great, informative, break down. How do the Bill's fit waist-wise compared to JCrew's various styles? Even, size up, down? Banana Republic not getting enough love here--my Aiden chinos have been incredibly durable and fit slim with good stretch.

Fulton chinos even slimmer, and comparable to Gap Lived-in Skinny but better quality. Initially I was pleased with Gap Lived-in Slim, but they got diaper-butted and I find myself avoiding them too roomy in the legs, also.

As for JCrew, I wanted to like their s but there's something weird about the waist--it rides kind of high, and they get slim in odd places. Material seemed nice, though. Finally, for incredible value, good fit, and eh quality, check Old Navy clearance racks for their chinos.

Seriously, I had to strl-F to find your post about BR. In fact, I buy their chinos and hem them into shorts because I like their fit in the thigh so much. Former BR employee here. I love their slim fit chinos. You can almost always get them on a sale, and they last a while. Depending on whether or not you have their credit card, you can get hemming for free. I've actually been thinking about doing this.

Well I just have my mother do it, shes not a pro but she's good enough for me. I have pretty skinny legs despite not skipping leg day and I never found a pair of khaki shorts that fit the way I want. So when the bottoms of one of my chinos were getting ripped up I had my mom cut and hem them. I've been cycling my chinos this way for a few years now. Do you mean a picture of them on me or a picture of the hem specifically?

I might be able to find a pic of them on me, but Im not sure how to post photos here cause you need to host them somewhere or something. It varies from store to store. They usually just use a local tailoring place and send them out at the end of the week.

If you call your BR they should be able to tell you who they use, and you can look them up to check reviews. As a rather muscular guy its hard to find good chinos that fit right.

Usually the butt or thigh is too tight. Gavin chinos have been my savior -- perfect fit through and through. I have several pair and the oldest have held up well over the year that I've had them. The only problem with my BR chinos is that the slide on the zipper has come off on two of the pairs I've had.

I wear my navy BR aiden chinos more than any other pant. I also like the khaki and acorn colours. I absolutely adore my chinos from BR. One thing is to check the actual cut, not the fit, but the cut.

I have two pairs from them where the leg twists about a half of an inch. Wearing them makes no difference but when I fold them I do notice that the inseam on the left leg ends up in the front of the pant leg and back instead of along the fold. Other than that I've had two of the pairs for over three years with heavy usage the rest are within the last year or so and the color has held up, still fit great, fabric feels good, and I'll keep buying more.

They're all I wear practically. I had some issues with the fly fabric folding in a weird way that revealed the buttons I never put my woven clothes in a dryer, so it's not that , the rise isn't as high as the Gios, and they don't have a full waistband construction. The Gios are approximately the same price - some RgT is priced above, some is priced below.

I had the same problem with the buttons showing. Ended up just ironing it and using a bit of steam to make it sit the way its supposed to. I probably won't buy pants from any other brands for as long as outlier still sells them.

I bought a pair of the SD's and I have to agree with this guy. I'll probably buy raw denim still, but besides work clothes I'll be slowly replacing my pants with various Outlier cuts. I wish you didn't write this. I have a pair of outlier three ways and a pair of outlier new ways.

They are excellent in everyway but it does hurt to shell out for a pair of shorts, and now it seems I'll be out another How do you like the three ways compared to the new ways? I just bought a pair of new ways and think they are a little flimsy. Free shipping's still cool, but the wait wasn't.

They were pretty thin and felt very cheap. Good for a beater pair, not so good if you want longevity out of it. I have a pair going on two years and outside of the button popping off from use just sewed it back on the chinos themselves are still in tact. Three different cuts; find one that fits you well. Skinny tapered, slim tapered, standard tapered are different options.

These fit slimmer and IMO have a better cut than the usual D01s you'll find at most department stores. They also have a great range of sizes as well as inseam options. Can't go wrong at their MSRP, but you'll be able to find them for cheaper with coupons from their main site or at other online retailers like Amazon and Zappos. They're not really the softest of chinos, even after two years of washing and wearing.

This is more of a nitpick as they're still comfortable, not raw denim-stiff, but not quite what I've expected. Color fades pretty quickly.

Some might like this for the worn-in, washed look but in the case of the Alphas the worn-in color doesn't look so great. Your opinion may vary. Because the color fades quickly, they become casual chinos that become too casual for the workplace. Again, your situation may vary.

Dockers, being a part of Levi's, suffers from the same size chinos fitting differently. Not necessarily a common issue but one you need to be aware of. Cotton was really nice and soft. There's a fair bit of stretch to go with it due to the spandex, which was really nice as it made sitting or bending down to reach something a lot easier.

Navy, wine burgundy , khaki, olive all there. I also liked how they didn't fade as quickly as the Dockers chinos did. Price-to-quality ratio is great. When not on promotion, products are almost always in stock and a great one-stop-shop for basics. I'm a shorter guy 5'7" and the inseam options are 32 and 34, which means I'd have to get them hemmed.

Not a big deal for me, but could be one for someone of similar stature if they don't have a tailor in the area. It's a pretty good cut and will work from most people, but for someone who prefers a really slim fit throughout the leg I felt like these were a little baggy.

Again, the fit was still pretty good but it wasn't what I would normally prefer. Really good business casual pants though. From first wear these were probably the most comfortable chinos I've ever worn.

Really soft material, yet thick on the outside. Almost like wearing pajama pants, except chinos. I've yet to find anything else that rivals these in terms of comfort. Advertised as slim-straight but they're more skinny-tapered. Be sure to choose your absolute true size as these chinos are TTS. Size up one for a loose fit. As mentioned they're thicker on the outside yet soft on the inside.

No issues with wear and tear so far. And button tabs everywhere. I prefer button for the guaranteed closure to keep everything in place.

Are they worth it for the price? Absolutely yes, in my opinion. Really limited; only three colors were available at the time of purchase khaki, navy, red. Pretty standard for chinos of this quality since it's up to the buyer to get them hemmed to their liking. Slight inconvenience, but actually a pro since I can hem them where I want to. Those without access to a tailor may have an issue with this. All of these chinos were bought on sale, hence the first price listed next to their name.

The WvG chinos are the only ones I have left in my closet as their quality highly surpasses everything else. I would still love to try Unis Gio Skinny chinos since I've had my eyes on them for quite some time. Also interested in Outlier's line of chinos. Yes, but for those who like me who order online, that hemming service is not available. They'd have to get them hemmed elsewhere. You can take your receipt, along with your chinos, to the store and they'll do it for you for free.

If a store isn't near you, that's another story: Out here in Hawaii that's not feasible, haha. It's better to have a tailor or at least someone who can do common alterations for these kind of things.

And if not, learning is a good option too! I have the summer weight chinos. I think they live up to their name. I got the straight fit, which is rather roomy, but this is an advantage in DC summers. How tight would you say the tailored fit is?

I've been afraid to get them in fear that they'll be too similar to skinny jeans. They are pretty slim, but dimensions of pants change depending on your waist size. I'm 6'0 , I squat, but not crazy strong in that respect and they cling pretty tight to my legs. I like it, but I am almost wearing a second skin in places.

I just measured my thigh at around 22" circumference and I wear 33s if that helps you. They are great quality, more formal than other brands and expensive. I'm very happy with mine but I wait to find them on sale.

Incotex Red are their less formal and slightly cheaper range. They really are excellent - I picked up a pair of their trousers on a deep sale. They're easily one of the highest quality pieces I own. The material stretches both vertically and horizontally.

Most "stretch" material one goes in one direction. Unis Gio Skinny are unquestionably the best chinos I've owned. They're fantastic in every way. They're a little too stretchy and this can make them They also seem to breathe poorly, and have some fading. The waistband isn't as good as the Gio, but it's largely negated by the stretch.

They're not bad but I don't think they're Outlier's strongest product that would be the SDs. Crew's rise is far too low, I think this is on the , and the zipper fly caused me a lot of issues ugly bunching, "zipper boner".

It also lacks a properly constructed waistband like the Gio. Epaulet has most of the same issues as J. Crew - I also find them a big baggy but that depends on your leg size. Haven't tried Apolis but it seems like they'll have the same waistband and fly issues. Really wouldn't recommend anything without a button fly and a full waistband. The button-fly vs zip fly definitely piques my interest.

Are there any other button fly chinos you know of? Why would you recommend the Gio Skinny over the Gios? Weird, guess it depends on your waist I found it basically impossible to tuck a shirt into them, yet somehow they were almost falling off my waist at the same time so I don't need to size up. Gios are definitely higher rise though. I also have that bunching issue in the crotchal region.. Otherwise the s are great for me. Do you guy think this is something that can be solved with some tailoring?

Which is more lightweight? I don't know man, I have 2 and use them for everything including work and they hold up well. I mean obviously not the best quality but still decent for the price range. Obviously they're not the quality or fit of some of the high fashion brands but they're not garbage , in my experience they've lasted a good time and are still in good shape.

And the price, that helps. I've had the grey ones for like 5 years and they've held up really well. I don't wear them much overall but they are still kicking. The other ones are just as old and besides some colour loss in the pocket from my phone. Definitely worth the I paid for each. Maybe it was just a good batch but these have held up extremely well, better than gap ones from the same time.

I also got a suit around the same time, expecting to wear it a couple times and not feel bad if it got trashed. Fits great and still in great condition. It's not the best by far, but since I rarely wear a suit it works fine for the times a year I need one.

One thing I don't like is their shirts, fit awkwardly for me, particularly the arm holes. I agree with you. In my experience, they tend to fit well and have good cuts and styling. The quality isn't great and they aren't the most comfortable fabric, but at their price point, I wouldn't expect much.

None of their chinos have fallen apart on me, and I feel like I've gotten my money's worth out of them. They haven't shown any signs of wear that aren't normal for higher end chinos.

Uniqlo chinos are simply amazing. I worn one pair for last 2 years and there are minimal traces of it. Similar story with Zara, I just haven't owned a pair for such a long time so I can't confirm durability, but I think they will be as durable.

One brand I don't see mentioned here is Peter Millar. Their Portland Contemporary Fit twill chinos are excellent. One thing to note, this fit is quite slim, but has a very comfortable rise so they're still good for tucking. It can take months, even years to acquire the perfect broken-in feel, but not with J.

The all-American firm washes each pair of chinos for over minutes, resulting in unrivalled comfort from day dot. Part of the Slowear group, Incotex sets a high watermark for impeccably cut trousers, most of which come packing pressed creases through the front to keep them looking smart. Buy a pair in classic taupe for a solid choice at weddings and weekends. A fail-safe choice for bridging the gap between casual and smart, snap a pair up in every shade.

One of the most recognisable names of the work pant world, Dockers has managed to transform itself into a true menswear mainstay in recent years. Gant has been the ne plus ultra of preppy attire for almost seven decades, giving it plenty of time to perfect the chino.

To nail the Ivy League look, the lifestyle brand produces a full spectrum of colours alongside more classic shades. Cut with the heft of workwear but with the clean lines of tailoring, consider it one to enlist in your wardrobe.

Get all the latest must-read FashionBeans content direct to your inbox weekly:. See all the latest vouchers, discount codes and offers from all your favourite stores for October Uniqlo You only have to look at its chinos to see why Japanese retail giant Uniqlo is frequently crowned King of the Basics.

Dickies Dickies has been pedalling its wares in the workwear trade since , so you can guarantee it knows a thing or two about chinos. Mango The Spaniards at fast-fashion retailer Mango are well-established menswear masters, as typified by its selection of chinos.

The best slim fit chinos are usually made by brands that are looking to replicate the cutting edge of designer fashion – as they’ll know the fit best. Brands like H&M and ASOS will provide you the slim fit you’re looking for in a variety of colors. We hand-pick the very best men's chinos on the market for in every price bracket, from the likes of Gap, Uniqlo, Topman, Carhartt and All this variation makes shopping for pants—and finding the best chinos for men—difficult. One man's jeans are another man's torture, as the saying goes. One man's jeans are .