10 Best Puffer Jackets

This hooded, longline puffer jacket is the perfect length for extra frigid days, protecting your torso and legs at the same time. A full-length zipper ensures that wind won't be seeping through any openings.

For short periods of time, you can store your puffer jacket compressed into a small space.

Feb 02,  · Best Puffer Coats Ditch the Marshmallow Coat — 30 Puffer Jackets So Cool, Even Gigi's Wearing One The solution is, of course, a cozy, padded puffer jacket Home Country: US.
Fortunately, puffer vests have been solving that problem for years. The filled vests with weather-resistant lining keeps the chill off from your body, while you enjoy the flexibility of your favorite flannel or crewneck sweater underneath.
Stay warm this winter with men's puffer vests from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Browse all quilted puffer vests for men from The North Face, Patagonia & more top-rated brands.
Puffer Vests Are Extremely Versatile A puffer vest is the most versatile winter outerwear you'll find. These fashionable vests go great with anything from a tee on warmer days, to a hoodie or fleece pullover when it starts to get cooler, to any kind of medium weight jacket on the coldest days of the season.

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The Columbia brand is a well-known brand when it comes to coats, and this version of a puffer jacket is no exception. The overall quality, workmanship, and fit are truly second to none, and it certainly will become a fashion staple in your wardrobe.5/5.

The North Face's goal is simple: This warm, waterproof jacket is filled with white duck down and features a faux fur removable trim. This style fits true to size, even if you want to layer a sweater underneath.

This jacket may fit a little too narrow if you're hippy or have a fuller midsection. Consider sizing down if you're between sizes, as this jacket has an oversized fit to it. It makes you look shapely, is lightweight, comfortable on and feels like you're swaddled in a down blanket. The length is perfectly long to keep warm in the cold winters. Easy on, easy off. Beauty Clothing Shoes Accessories Shop. If you're between sizes, considering sizing down. All the warmth, none of the bulk—it even comes with its own pouch!

Take your pick of six neutral hues. This jacket is lightweight, subtly tailored, and goes down to the knees. Using her 15 years of experience in the modeling industry as a curve model, Willcox strives to change the game of body image by giving people the tools to challenge the beauty ideal implemented by the media.

For more on Katie, be sure to follow her on Instagram and visit katiewillcox. Alivia Latimer is a photographer and creative currently residing in Portland, Oregon.

With a robust skillset in travel, lifestyle, and documentary photography, Alivia is passionate about capturing authentic moments in real time, whether up in the Icelandic mountains, the jungles of Southeast Asia or road tripping down California coast! Alivia has been recognized by and worked with numerous companies including Alaska Airlines, Marriott Hotels, PacSun, and Seventeen Magazine for her natural eye for aesthetics and charming brand image within the social space.

When not travel blogging or wandering the globe, you can find Alivia in your local record store, eating avocado toast, or playing her ukulele for fun. This jacket is both toasty and on-trend. Great at keeping you warm Classic design allows for great fashion Great overall fit. Expand to see more Overall Fit Surprisingly, nearly all of the people who tried on this puffer jacket found that it was not only a great overall fit but also very comfortable to wear.

The zipper enclosure and adjustable hood drawcords allowed for a more customized fit, and the shoulder and arms provided a good deal of room and flexibility for most wearers. Materials Used The outer shell of this puffer jacket consists of a combination of nylon, polyester and Taffeta materials, that provide great overall moisture resistance. The insulation consists of duck down feathers that can easily trap body heat and help to keep you warm and comfortable even in the most frigid weather.

The seams were tightly sewn, and the fabric overall was well put together. Ease of Care Because of the material used, professional cleaning is highly recommended. However, for most people, the clean lines and slim fit makes for a great fashionable look. Great overall warmth Fantastic sizing and comfort. May not be heavy enough for some Dry cleaning is recommended.

This third entry on our list is designed with the idea of warmth and luxury in mind. Filled with goose feathers and featuring a fur-lined collar and hood, it not only provides a great deal of warmth but also a classic urban fashion sense that is hard to beat. Others also found that the sleeves were somewhat restrictive and uncomfortable. Materials Used In addition to the goose down insulation material used, this jacket also features a millimeter DWR water resistant outer layer that manages to keep you dry and yet allows for great overall ventilation.

It is also coated in Teflon, so water and mud simply bead off easily. Craftsmanship While this company has been making puffer jackets and coats since the mids, their overall craftsmanship is nothing spectacular. The seams have been known to unravel at times, and there are reports of the insulation losing its ability to retain heat over time.

Ease of Care Because of the goose down feathers as well as the coyote fur lining, this jacket can become a bit of a hassle to care for. Professional cleaning, when needed is highly recommended. Fashion Of the different puffer jackets on this list, this one is perhaps the most fashionable one for the urban and wilderness setting available. It has a classic, practical design that has been featured in many magazines and fashion-forward establishments.

While it may not be for everyone, chances are this jacket will get you noticed. The classic design and quality materials make for a great overall jacket. Fantastic at keeping you warm Unique fashionable design. Hard to clean, professional cleaning is recommended Can run a bit small. Expand to see more Overall Fit Nearly two-thirds of the people who use this jacket found that it was a great overall fit, providing plenty of room in the shoulders, arms and chest areas to allow for a comfortable fit.

Some found that the jacket felt a bit tight, especially in the shoulder areas, or slightly too short for their liking. Materials Used The outer shell of this lightweight jacket is comprised of synthetic material designed to repel water and snow.

The interior portions consist of down feathers that provide great heat-trapping ability and functionality. Craftsmanship Overall, most people found this puffer jacket to be well made, with a few notable exceptions. Ease of Care Based on the outer shell, this puffer jacket is easily one of the best at repelling dirt, grime, and moisture.

Usually, a simple wipe down with a damp cloth is more than enough to get the job done. However, if a more thorough cleaning is needed, professional assistance is recommended. Fashion This puffer jacket has an overall slim design and fits well on most bodies. It has a classic, timeless cut that is perfect for an active lifestyle of adventure, both in the wilderness and urban settings. Designed with the active person in mind, it offers great overall protection from the elements at a very reasonable price.

Great at keeping you warm Fairly lightweight. Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket. You didn't think we would leave Patagonia off the list, did you? Similar to all of Patagonia's other products, this jacket does not disappoint. With an fill power goose feather interior, you will feel like a walking furnace in a winter wonderland. Despite a few minor flaws, this jacket is near perfect.

Expand to see more Overall Fit This jacket has more of an athletic fit and fits a bit tighter than a fleece would. Reviews show that if you are a tall person, over six feet, this jacket may be short on you. While the sizing tends to run true to size at the moment, reviewers have been disappointed to order the same size of this same jacket, years later, to realize that the medium from before is not the same medium size now.

The jacket has a DWR finish to help keep you warm and dry if a rainstorm were to find you. This jacket also features strong Vislon zippers. For the inside of the jacket, it is made from fill power goose feathers. One of the things we love most about this jacket is the fact that the feathers were harvested humanely and the welfare of the animals was investigated and respected.

Craftsmanship Overall the quality and craftsmanship of this puffer jacket is on par with the majority of the others on this list. Patagonia's down sweater offers handwarmer pockets and elastic cuffs on the sleeves. There is also an adjustable hem, so keep the jacket tight around the bottom, not allowing any cold air in.

This sweater is also lightweight and packable. Inside the breast of the jacket, there is a small zippered pocket that can be used to keep your phone or money while you are wearing it, or when you're ready to pack it up, the jacket itself folds into the pocket making it very easy to pack. Ease of Care Because of down material in the insulation, it is recommended by the manufacturer that this jacket be either cleaned by a professional or hand washed.

Fashion This is a great looking jacket and is available in ten different colors. The logo on the jacket is small and inconspicuous. The only way this jacket wouldn't look great is if you are very tall, the jacket may be too short. Summary Patagonia's down sweater jacket is a well thought out design.

The combination of the down insulation, length, and protective outer shell makes it easy to keep the cold weather at bay. Great at retaining warmth Humanely harvested feathers Large pockets. This lightweight puffer jacket offers great overall protection from the elements, and plenty of room to move around in. Expand to see more Overall Fit In truth, the average sized person will find this jacket a bit too large and bulky for a comfortable fit. It tends to run a bit large. However, if you are a larger man or women, the overall fit is a comfortable one.

There is plenty of room in the shoulder and arm area, and the waist and torso hang somewhat loosely on the body to allow for a greater girth. The inner areas are filled with duck down insulation that helps to retain heat from the body over a long period of time. Craftsmanship Unfortunately, most found that this lightweight puffer jacket did leave a bit to be desired in the craft department.

Many had trouble with the zipper closure, and the seams near the wrist areas were subject to fraying. Ease of Care While technically this jacket can be washed by hand with down-safe detergent, most found it more convenient to have this jacket professionally cleaned.

Fashion The bulky design of this jacket was a let down for some customers, but quite a few found it to be a welcomed change from the slimmer fitting designs on the market today. Summary While some may find the larger fit and design a bit awkward to wear, this puffer jacket is a comfortable option for those who have a larger body overall.

Dry cleaning is recommended, and there are a few issues with quality, but overall this lightweight yet larger puffer jacket is a great choice. Great fit for larger individuals Fantastic warmth overall. Some minor quality control issues Dry cleaning is recommended.

This extremely lightweight puffer jacket from Mountain Hardwear weighs just over 8 oz, but still features many of the same characteristics as the other quality examples on this list.

If you want a puffer jacket that is truly featherlight, this is a great overall choice. Expand to see more Overall Fit Most customers found this jacket to be well fitting in the torso area, but some found the collar and elbow areas to be strangely tight. Materials Used The outer shell is made of weather resistant nylon material, and the insulation is made from down material that retains a good amount of loft and heat retention, even when wet.

The cuffs are made of a lightweight cotton jersey material, which were designed to help keep the cold out. Craftsmanship In truth, quite a few of the people who bought this lightweight puffer jacket found it to be a little too lightweight for their liking.

While it may be suitable for an urban setting or just going around the town, quite a few people found it less than durable in an outdoor setting. Ease of Care While it is easy enough to do a little bit of spot cleaning with a sponge and warm water, professional cleaning is recommended for this puffer jacket. Fashion This puffer jacket provides a relatively smaller profile, and more subtle puffs to give it a more nuanced and nearly professional look.

Very warm Lightweight Good range of sizes. Arms a bit tight at times Outer shell known to tear. Expand to see more Overall Fit This puffer jacket is clearly designed for the average to petite size woman, so if you have a bit more curves, you might want to order a size larger than you usually get.

However, if the larger size is purchased, most find the jacket to be very comfortable. Materials Used The outer shell is made from nylon material, and the insulation is made from a synthetic polyester blend that is quite good at retaining warmth without the clumping problems often seen with down feathers. Craftsmanship Generally speaking, most customers found this puffer jacket to be well made and warm. Ease of Care One of the nice things about this particular puffer jacket is that the synthetic material makes it fairly easy to care for.

While professional cleaning is recommended, this jacket can easily survive a trip to the laundromat. Fashion Unlike many of the other puffer jackets on this list, this jacket features an A-line design.

Summary This lightweight and very packable puffer jacket is a great choice if you want something fashionable to keep the cold at bay. Great heat retention Packable Easy to clean. Zipper and seam quality could be improved. Tends to run a bit small. This spot on our list is occupied by a relative heavyweight in the cold weather puffer jacket department. While others boast at being under a pound, this jacket has an unapologetic weight of nearly four pounds.

The insulation is a combination of down and feather material that is fairly good at retaining heat. There were numerous reports of the jacket not being water resistant.

Built with Under Armour's storm technology, this vest is perfect to wear come rain or snow, as it repels both. It has PrimaLoft insulation and a thermo-conductive inner lining to . When we think of puffer vests, this is honestly what first comes to mind. Patagonia, the Ventura, California-based outdoor gear brand, has been producing comfortable and warm down and puffer jackets for a long time now. Fortunately, puffer vests have been solving that problem for years. The filled vests with weather-resistant lining keeps the chill off from your body, while you enjoy the flexibility of your favorite flannel or crewneck sweater underneath.