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Side-zip pants are a figure-flattering style in any season, and you can choose from several material blends and cuts to create an eye-catching look. Try a pair of capris in white, cream, beige or khaki with a flutter-sleeve blouse or button down shirt for casual days at the office.

In trousers, this is most commonly an opening covering the groin , which makes the pants easier to put on or take off. Various people in the fashion industry use the words trouser or pant instead of trousers or pants. I wear back zipped pants to work everyday.

Women’s fashions come and go, but pants are here to stay. Although the basic shape may change from season to season, pants have become a favorite fashion for women .
Affordable selection of adaptive clothing for the elderly, disabled and for children with special-needs.
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Affordable selection of adaptive clothing for the elderly, disabled and for children with special-needs.
Women's Pants. We created our pants with real women in mind. Each pair we design strives to offer style and freedom of movement, in addition to fitting to your unique shape, size, and lifestyle.
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Women's Pants. We created our pants with real women in mind. Each pair we design strives to offer style and freedom of movement, in addition to fitting to your unique shape, size, and lifestyle.

The Sythians of the area encompassed by today's Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Romania wore loose pants tucked into boots. A portrait of a warrior wearing pants appears on a cup found in a burial site from BC. The Greek historian Herodotus mentions the Sythians waring pants. Herodotus also mentions that the Amazons female warriors of Greek mythology as clad in trousers.

An Amazon depicted on a vessel in BC is obviously wearing pants. The Celts, a nomadic people of Central Europe, wore pants, though documentation is sketchy at best. Ancient Greeks and Romans equated the wearing of trousers with savagery and referred to those early trouser clad people as barbarians.

Braccae is the Latin root of the word breeches, a type of knee length trouser. Braccae, however, had adjustable hems and could be worn knee length or ankle length. The Thorsberg Trousers pictured on the right are a relic from the 4th century AC and were found in Denmark. Damendorf Man, a bog body found in , perished between - AD. A pair of neatly folded pants was found near the corpse. Men of medieval Europe wore snug fitting pants or leggings with a short tunic.

Women wore a kind of legging or loose britches under dresses in colder weather for warmth. The snug pants evolved into a tighter form of leg covering, and began to appear more like hose with attached foot coverings. Some of the pants that women wore were more like 2 joined tubes attached to a drawstring at the waist.

By , men wore voluminous knee breeches with attached hose. Fashionable men wore them in bold colors. The breeches were lined and slashed to reveal a brightly colored lining. By , the breeches became a greatly exaggerated fashion, stuffed to balloon around the upper leg. The s saw these pantaloons embellished with buttons and ribbons while working men of the lower classes wore ankle length pants.

Large pantaloon styles gradually slimmed into simple knew length breeches that were fastened below the knee. During the French Revolution, breeches came to be seen as an aristocratic conceit and men adapted the longer, ankle length styles of the working class. Women's pants were, at the time, an undergarment worn beneath the skirt and were called pantalettes.

In the early part of the 19th century, men's pants were tight and occasionally fitted with stirrup straps that fit under the soles of the feet to create a smooth line, a style that would reappear for women in the 20th century. Mid century saw a looser fit trouser with a button fly front instead of the earlier "falls," a front panel that buttoned around the sides. Men's pants now began to appear in the dark or neutral colors that would rule menswear until present day. Victorian society strictly regulated propriety in attire.

Unlike Sumptuary Laws of earlier periods, when the Church and government dictated the types of garments people wore, Victorians were ruled by societal expectations. The concept of women in pants was considered inappropriate, though a few appearances of trouser clad women shocked, or amused society. In Victorian England, young female mine workers wore pants under tucked-up skirts. A famous photograph depicting a Wigan pit girl is hardly risque; and though convenient, was deemed inappropriate female attire.

In the middle of the s, a group of women began to clamor for freedom of movement. The Dress Reform Movement, pioneered by feminists, sought a new style of dress for women at work, or for athletic activities.

Elizabeth Smith Miller invented a type of long, puffy pants that were gathered at the ankles. Worn with a short knee or calf length dress, and made famous by Amelia Bloomer, these "bloomers" caught the attention of the media who ridiculed the style. Pictured at right is Lucy Stone who met Amelia Bloomer in Stone, an American abolitionist and suffragist, appears in an photographs wearing trousers under her dress.

But by the end of the 19th century, women began to appear in public wearing toned down bloomers or knickers for bike riding and other sports. Jeans, or dungarees, were introduced in the late 19th century, created and marketed for California gold miners. Double stitching added to the durability of the pants that have changed little since the turn of the last century.

Embraced by farmers and laborers, jeans ultimately became the iconic garment of the late 20th century and are, today, a staple of every wardrobe. Queen Victoria's eldest son, Edward the Prince of Wales, who would become Edward VII gave his name to the Edwardian fashion period, and is credited for setting the tone for men's trousers in the modern era.

Edward introduced trouser cuffs to lift the trouser hem above the dirt, and popularized trouser creases. While cuffs add weight to the pant leg for a smoother line, cuff can visually shorten the leg, so should be restricted to taller men. Edward was also known to wear a type of shorts while on safari. The shorts had an adjustable hem. Paul Poiret, the famous early 20th century fashion designer, introduced a line based on the Ballet Russes' Sheherazade which featured a long tunic worn over harem pants.

The loose style pants eventually found their way into women's wardrobes as hostess or palazzo pants, sometimes worn at the beach. They became quite popular in the s and were seen on fashion icons like Coco Chanel and Katharine Hepburn.

During World War I when British women took over factory and farm work, replacing men gone into the military, pants took on a new role for women as a practical garment. World War II put women back into the work force and back into pants. Famous posters of female workers encouraged women to wear practical bib overalls and dungarees, or what we now call jeans. The later 20th century saw an explosion of trouser styles for men and women.

Though men's dress pants have changed little since the s, it is not unusual to see men wearing shorts, a type of pants once worn only by children.

Jeans evolved from practical work garments to the symbol of outsider fashion, to the classic garment no one can be without. Place zipper tape face-down on left-hand facing. Machine baste the free edge of the zipper tape to the left-hand facing.

Spread work flat with right side up Working from the right side, pin zipper in place along topstitching line. Topstitch, removing pins as you go along, leaving long tails of thread at the bottom. On inside, unpin folded-back facing. Bring thread ends to inside and knot. Remove basting at fly edge and press. To finish the zipper Worki ng on the right side, make a bar tack at the botto m of zippe r openi ng throu gh all layer s of fabric, inclu ding the facing.

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